Transcript: About the New Podcast Project – DS483

Doug: Hey, what’s going on. Welcome to the Doug show. Today. I’m recording. Out in the mountains. And if you’re not watching this on YouTube, you should. At least check it out. When you get a chance, when you are able to take a look at the video I’m in this town called Ouray. And it’s near a Telluride. Just a little in sitting on the porch and recording. This is going to be a quick episode. 

I’m going to talk about. The upcoming podcast, I’m going to launch a new show and it seems a little bit crazy. Because I already have two podcasts, but I’m very enthusiastic. I’m excited about this project and I’ve dropped little hints here and there over the last few weeks. I have a couple of thoughts that I wrote down in my trusty little notebook so, like I said, I’m pumped about this podcast and I will tell you it is going to be about SEO and marketing. I think there’s going to be some challenges with. The topic area, there’s going to be challenges with me having this show. 

The Doug show. I’m going to go through a couple of the problems that I’ve outlined, but. One interesting thing. When you start creating content like this and you have a podcast or you have a YouTube channel. Or a blog. I obviously want the project to be successful. 

However, Even if there are a number of issues and failures, because I can share the story and hopefully. I help other people not make those mistakes. There’s something worthwhile happening with it. 

The content. That comes out of the failures will potentially be more helpful and interesting. Then the successes now that said it would be just absolutely amazing if. The word. How major failure points. But here’s a couple of things, right? So it’s going to be an SEO and marketing show. I’m going to focus on the advanced area. 

This show is going to be for professionals in the industry. Not beginners. That will be the main distinction. It should be people that go, the people that listen to the show, the audience should be people. That go to conferences for marketing or SEO. Professionals. So that’s the biggest distinction. Now. Because I’m starting a new project and I do like a little notebooks and stuff like that. I actually have several notebooks that I, that are blank. 

They’re ready for me to start writing. And I grabbed a new notebook and I wanted. The new notebook to only have the podcast ideas and issues and questions that it was going to use it as a journal and somewhat as a planner as well. But I only have podcast related. Ideas. And the main thing is I’m writing down areas that might be an issue. 

The whole premise is launching this new show. 

And then. 

Using all the best practices that I know. Testing things that supposedly should be best practices, maybe I’ve seen evidence to the contrary and I’m thinking I want to test something a little bit different to see if the quote, best practices or just people regurgitating something that may have been true years ago. May have never been true. 

And I’m just going to see if another method might work. And I’m going to tell you all about some of these ideas. one of the main issues is, I’m planning on selling the show. I’m going to start a podcast and then I’m planning on selling the podcast. My initial gut timeframe was about six to nine months or so, but I’m flexible on that. One of the biggest issues with changing. Hands . 

Is there will need to be a new house. I’m going to host the show myself to launch it. By charming personality certainly comes through and I want people to come. Come along for the ride. Changing host will be a problem to solve. I don’t know if it’ll be an easy or hard problem. There are a couple of things that I might be able to do. 

 I’m going to lay out a bunch of problems that I might have, and I’m not going to be able to answer them here. I’m going to have to test things. But essentially I’m going to be able to have a show in the future. When I’m talking through. What might happen and then I’m going to test something. And then I’ll tell you later what actually happened. And maybe some learnings from it. So host changing hosts, that could be a major issue. Another problem is. Launching in general. 

Right? So here’s one of the things you hear about launching a podcast. Maybe have two or three or five or 10 shows . At your launch and publish them. I’m also going to do a YouTube channel. So there’s a question. Do I publish all of those episodes? Like initially all at once. Or they’re going to be any issues with any downsides by publishing. 10. YouTube videos all at once. I’m not sure on a brand new channel, maybe nothing will happen. 

Maybe there could be a little bit of an issue. This, this is one of the areas where I want to challenge what the common best practices are because I have another friend launching a show. 

They’re going to launch with, uh, I think three episodes, that’s, that’s the best practice, but I wonder. Is there a better way to do it. So I’m going to test some things out. The other thing is I’m, I’m running a bootcamp. I’m going to do a boot camp because. A lot of people were asking me. About starting a show, they wanted to start their own podcast. And I would say over the past couple of years, maybe once a month, somebody would ask me about it. After speaking at fin con on podcasting. I had. Two or three people a week for about a month. 

And I was like, people want to start podcasts. They see, I do it. So it obviously makes them think. That dumb ass can have to podcast. Then I could probably do it too, which is true. It is very true. I’m pretty excited and I’m doing this bootcamp because. People could come along for the ride. People need accountability. 

I’ve seen so many. People start a show and then they quit after a couple episodes. Maybe they even do interviews, they spend all this time editing and then they never launch or. They publish seven episodes. I hear that’s like the average before someone, , fades, they call it pod fade. And one of the main things I’ve done. A really good job at is just. Publishing a show. And not getting burned out. And the hard part for people is when they’re perfectionist. 

Right. So that’s tough. But then they also get advice like this. These. Ideas of best practices. That are just fucking unsustainable. Like people are not going to. Clean an edit their full podcast. If they’re publishing two episodes a week. And they’re really busy. They have a full-time job and kids, and then they have to spend like two hours per week, like fucking listening to themselves, talk and edit that. This is really tough. 

It’s not sustainable. 

So one of the main things is I’m going to let people know that. That it is okay. If you don’t , put out the best product every single time. If you’re just trying to be consistent, you’ll get better. , you have to put in the effort. Of course you’ll get better, but. If you are trying to do the very best every single time you publish something. You’re going to drive yourself insane. 

And I know, I mean, the thing is if you’re listening, if you’re watching this, Not all, some of the shows suck, you know, uh, some of them are not as good as others. I do show up every time. I haven’t missed a scheduled episode for either show. Sometimes. You have to republish an episode, but you can be creative about it. 

But the main idea here is doing the bootcamp. That. Made me extremely nervous. I actually dragged my feet on this for several weeks before I started putting some feelers out there. And I, the thing is I knew. That people were asking me about podcasting anyway, so there should be people interested. But as soon as you start. Shifting and transitioning to a different area than you’re used to. It makes you a little bit nervous. Especially if you’re going to charge money for it, I’m charging money for the boot camp. 

And it should be okay. But I won’t know until I actually take the chance. And put myself out there with a chance of failure, which unfortunately. I’ll have to share with you. Find people. If that happens. So there’ll be very exciting. There’s a couple. A couple other things I’ll mention here. Let me, let me recap. 

So launching a new show, I’m probably going to launch it in February. I don’t have a specific date. I have a very cool idea about how to large the show. Where I am going to take advantage of my 10 years of experience working online. 

I also have some ideas where I’ve seen people launch things outside of the podcasting world. And I wonder. How can I take those same ideas, which are successful elsewhere? And bring it into the podcasting world and kind of show up. Where it looks like. Holy shit. It looks like this guy knows what he’s doing. And if I, if I can do that. I think that will potentially be proof. I think. After the bootcamp, right. It’ll be, it’ll be 10 weeks. 

I’ll put a link in the description. If you’re thinking, Hey, I want to start my new show. If I want to do you’re thinking, Hey, I want to do a podcast to accompany my website, or maybe you have a small business and you think a podcast could help you find clients, which is probably a very good idea. 

You can’t find clients that way. You build so much trust with people when you. Talk to them through podcast in their earbuds.

You can come along for the ride. 

There will be some accountability. We’ll have a network of people and I’m going to keep it fairly small. I will most likely this is some marketing things that I’m trying to work out, but I think I’m going to open it up for about maybe five to seven people. At the early bird price point, and then I’m going to close it. And then I will probably open it back up a few weeks later. For a two to three X price point. And the thing is. I don’t know if people are going to sign up. I need to check and test . The actual demand here because I literally don’t know what it’s going to be, so I need to test it. 

So we’ve got the bootcamp. Launching the show. All right. I will sell the show. Along with the email list, the YouTube channel I’m going to sell the audio files. It’ll be hosted on a podcast hosting platform where dynamic ad insertion is possible. 

So they could take out any of the ads that I have in there and put in their own ads. It’ll be essentially a. A turnkey situation for a podcast, email list and YouTube channel. And I think I’m just getting, I’m going to stick with those. Those are the things that I know. After that. Two additional things will happen. 

One, I will have a story to tell about what happened. I’ll have a story to tell about the launch of a story, to tell about trying to sell a podcast, which is kind of. Not really talked about, it’s not done as far as I know. And I’m building mine, so that it’ll be easy to just turn the keys over to the new owner. The other part is all, have a framework to either do more podcasts, boot camps. And I’ll also have the ability to just do a course, right. I’ve talked about digital products. 

 I enjoy it. I like helping people out. I know some people are like, ah, why don’t you just make it free? Put it on YouTube, make it free. Those are already out there. Number one. 

People don’t put any value on the free content. If you pay. To check out the content. You have a sunk cost. You have some incentive to actually follow through and do the course work. And do something with it. So it’s a lot more effective from that standpoint. And of course, if I just like created a content and gave it away for free, then it’s just a hobby for me. 

So I enjoy creating the product, creating some value that people can get value from. And then they do something with it. There’s many pieces here, but when I started putting it together and writing it out, pulling out my notebook, writing, writing, thinking about it, and I thought about it for like a month. Where I was just obsessed with it, trying to figure out the best way to do it. 

 Anyway, , if you’re checking out this show, then, You know, I’m going to talk about the new showman and link up to it. I’m going to do a little, a little thing. You’ll probably hear about the launch whenever I do it. So I see Georgia is in the background here looking at me. So that means it’s time to go. 

I think we’re going to hit some hot Springs and walk around and get a beer or something like that. We hiked earlier. So we did our outdoor stuff already. All right. Thanks for checking out this episode. And if you have any questions or thoughts about me launching the show, the whole process, doing it in public, any of those details, let me know, shoot me an email 

Or you can leave a comment over on the YouTube side.