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Doug answers some listeners questions.

Hi Doug,
Loving the content you put out on both your blog and the podcast!
Quick question about KGR research, I’m finding many long-tail keywords which are below 250 SV. However for a number of them, when I do an allintitle search, I’m finding a bunch of (what I think they are) spam domains and pages for my locale. If I exclude these urls, I’m below the 0.25 for KGR. If I include them the score sits at ~0.5.
Do I exclude these when calculating KGR?

Eg, in a sports niche long tail keyword, there are domains like “” or “” flooding the index. Their title tags do contain the long-tail keywords.


Are there any updated best practices for finding guest post opportunities on my own? Other than the “write for us” Google searches, I wonder if Google discounts guest posts that are on sites that clearly ask for and publish them and would prefer something more organic.

Hope you’ve been well. What do you do when only one or two of your articles are getting all the traffic? I have a dozen other perfectly good articles that are just sitting there. Any advice?

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Affiliate Marketing & Side Hustles on the Doug.Show
Affiliate Marketing & Side Hustles on the Doug.Show
Mailbag - Q&A and voicemails - DS120