Mini Retirement – S9to5 #5

  • Find a way to do what you enjoy before retirement!
  • There’s no guarantee you will live until retirement
  • You might not “like” retirement – it could be a hard adjustment after a lifetime of 40 hourworkweeks
  • A “mini-retirement” is taking off 1 to 6 months every couple of years to take a break!
  • Test what you think you will want to do in retirement
  • May have to switch jobs more often if your employer isn’t supportive
  • If you have the right job (like an IT contractor), you can make a year’s worth of salary in six months
  • Consider taking a “gap year” between HS and college or in-between jobs
  • Check and see if your company has a “leave of absence” or a “sabbatical” policy
  • Slow travel – if you have the opportunity to work remotely, you can spend more time in a city and really get to know it.
Survive the 9 to 5
Survive the 9 to 5
Mini Retirement – S9to5 #5
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