Work Life Balance – S9to5 #3

You are responsible for taking control of your work/life balance.  No one will do it for you!

Company – Max Barry

“The problem is it’s a myth.  We’ve run the numbers and it doesn’t check out.  The amount you gain from reduced absenteeism and error rates is swamped by what you lose to reduced working hours and off task behavior.  Simply put – happy employees aren’t more productive…they’re less.”

Cell Phone Addiction

Management Bonus incentives may be directly in contradiction to work life balance on some projects

How to Optimize Work Life Balance

  • Email Technology – Delay Delivery
  • Use Technology Appropriately
  • Combine Activities
  • Do Personal Stuff, within reason
  • Block off time on your calendar
  • Talk to your Manager!

Or….work towards a non-corporate job where you are in control of your work schedule!

Doug got laid off, and now has his own affiliate marketing business!

Niche Site Project


  • Complete control of own schedule
  • High Autonomy – make decisions quickly
  • Take a nap in the afternoon – SIESTA!
  • Really love what you’re doing!


  • Takes some time to build up the business
  • You are always at “work” – if you work from home

Links and Resources

Survive the 9 to 5
Survive the 9 to 5
Work Life Balance – S9to5 #3
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