Talking Niche Sites, Courses – Jon Dykstra Interview – DS085

Doug & Jon talk shop and you get to listen in. Doug answers some listener questions.

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Talking Niche Sites, Courses – Jon Dykstra Interview – DS085

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  • Michael Chu Oct 21, 2019 @ 15:36

    I love listening to your podcasts. Your voice and sound is great. The production value is great. I am a dedicated listener. I don’t know why I choose yours more than other ones. I think it is because you are straight with your approach and I like your approach. I am attracted to your voice the most. I think the main reason is that your voice is calm. It makes me calm and even feel zen. I don’t want to sound creepy but I even listen to your voice to sleep some time but it is not because your voice is boring. I search for your videos almost on a daily basis for the last 3 months. You provide lots of great content.

    I just want to thank you for the time you have spend posting free videos and podcasts and most important of all sharing your expertise. I can’t appreciate enough.

    You do post a lot of videos compare to others and I really like it. I think you are the only one in this space that does this so often on Youtube. I prefer your regular long videos whether it is webinar or interviews (over 20 mins to 40 mins or even longer sometimes like 60-75 mins), so do keep posting those longs ones. I don’t like finding the smaller ones especially when it is out of order. I am a big fan so I don’t mind listening for long videos. I understand why some people prefer shorter ones because they don’t have patience and wants to get to the big points. But for me like I said, I feel I really need your support since it is a daily motivation for me. I do struggle quite a bit building my sites since April 2019 and I am still waiting for my big break.
    My final thoughts are regardless of long or short form, you are an inspiration to me. You have shared your KGR method and provide lots of real people experience including yours. I can’t thank you enough. I know when I succeed one day it will be mostly attributed to your teachings. I only wish you could become my mentor.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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