Zoey Arielle – YouTuber, Digital Nomad, Author – DS019

Zoey is a Digital Nomad & YouTuber living in Rome, Italy.

She started out working a corporate gig doing event marketing. Then, she transitioned into an SEO type role for an ecommerce company, which primed her skill set to be location independent.

We talk about:

  • The Four Hour Work Week
  • Growing on YouTube
  • Staying motivated
  • Staying organized when you work for yourself
  • Self publishing a book
  • Getting a book deal

Check out Zoey’s Channel

This is Zoey’s viral video on Minimalism with over 1 MILLION views!

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Here are Zoey’s books on Amazon

Love the Sh!t Out of Yourself: Because Your Life Depends On It

The Joy of Minimalism: A Beginner’s Guide to the Simple Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

This one is the self published one that we talk about:
Beauty in the Breakdown


Affiliate Marketing & Side Hustles on the Doug.Show
Zoey Arielle - YouTuber, Digital Nomad, Author - DS019
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