Clayton Johnson of The HOTH – DS041

I chat with Clayton Johnson of The HOTH. He’s spoken at conferences like Search Engine Journal Summit, Legendary Marketer, Medellin Entrepreneur, HOTHCON, and more.

The Hoth is an SEO Service Company with a suite of products. The HOTH and our marketing have been featured in, Forbes, Inc, VWO, and Digital Marketer.

Clayton and I talk about:

  • Starting and Growing the HOTH
  • SEO topics
  • Beards and other tangents
  • HOTH Life VLOG

HOTH Services That I’ve Used

*I’m an affiliate for The Hoth, and a happy customer as well, so I get a commission if you buy via my link.

  • Guest Posting: Checked it out in May 2019 and was happy with the links — hope to see results soon so I can share. There is a great sale going on in May 2019.
  • HOTH Boost: I haven’t used this in a couple of years as it could be considered Gray Hat, (against Google’s Guidelines) and riskier. Use only if you know what you’re doing and accept the risk.

Other Services Mentioned

  • HOTH Syndication: I’m testing this out so I don’t have any results yet.
  • HOTH Foundations: Again I haven’t used in years due to the Gray Hat nature. Use only if you know what you’re doing and accept the risk.
  • HOTH Blogger: I haven’t used but it’s a full-service content machine.
  • HOTH X: It’s the full managed service. You get content, onpage/onsite analysis, links, and everything.
  • See all their products here.


Connect with Clayton

Contact me. Ask Questions!

  • Send me an email here:
  • Leave a voicemail: (406) 813-0613
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Clayton Johnson of The HOTH - DS041
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