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Doug talks to Lauren & Steven! These two were able to semi-retire at 29! Working about 10 hours a week helping others get rich allowed them the freedom in 2019 to travel to all 63 US National parks in about 7 months.

They discuss a lot of things with Doug, including:

  • Financial Independence
  • Travel
  • Starting their blog
  • Tabletop games
  • Annual expense
  • & Van life

Catch up with Lauren and Steven’s Trip of A Lifestyle on the internet:

LAUREN’s Tips for Outreach to PRESS

  • My biggest tips beyond the template below are:
  • Be a real human and treat the other person as one too
  • Find the right contact at the right publication
  • Lead with the most compelling component of your pitch
  • Follow up until you’re met with a response but stop if they decline

Here’s what worked for Lauren & Steven:

Subject: Story Idea: [Suggested Article Title, eg. “How Two 20-Somethings Visited Every US National Park in 7 Months”]

Body: Hi [Journo’s Name],

In January, my husband and I set out to visit all 61 US National Parks, including driving all the way to Gates of the Arctic in northern Alaska and back down to the Everglades in southern Florida. Last week, we accomplished our goal!

The interesting part is…it didn’t cost us anything.

We’re not influencers, and we didn’t have any fancy sponsorships; we just tried to figure out how to keep costs low while trying to make enough money along the way to fund the entire (super cheap) trip. For example, we drove and lived in a Nissan NV200, one of the smallest cargo vans on the market with great gas mileage.

I think [Publication Name] readers would benefit from hearing an encouraging story of how to make their own grand, adventurous dreams a practical, financial reality (that’s what our blog is all about, actually).

If you’d like to know more about our story, feel free to check out this background page on our blog:

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to set up an interview. We’d love the opportunity to help inspire others — thanks!

[Your Name, can include a proper email signature with contact info if you want]


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Affiliate Marketing & Side Hustles on the Doug.Show
Affiliate Marketing & Side Hustles on the Doug.Show
Launching a Blog in a Competitive Niche and Getting Press Coverage | Trip of a Lifestyle - DS282