How Many Posts Before Starting a New Site – DS035

Benny calls in and a great question.

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Benny asks:

This is Benny from Dallas, Texas. I have been a long time listener listen to a lot of your podcasts in your and watch a lot of YouTube video. So thanks for making all the great content.

My question was how many blog posts would you want on a website before moving on to the next one? Cuz I currently have one that I’m working on with the friend. We would kind of become business partners. We have around forty four and the end of the year.

I’d like to get to a hundred and then move on to the next side cuz I won’t be his first website. This will be my second one. So trying to figure out when to move on to the next one we want to experiment and then we love the idea of having, you know, multiple sites.

So we also see the value is having an authority side as well. So yeah, if I could just pick your brain and see what number you feel comfortable with, that’d be great.

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How Many Posts Before Starting a New Site - DS035
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