Introducing The Doug Show (Trailer)

Doug Cunnington finally started a podcast of his own — after threatening to publish the spoken word for years. He’ll talk about:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity
  • Stories and Adventures
  • Beer
  • And more…

About Doug Cunnington

I write about SEO, productivity, project management, and niche sites. My work has been featured all over the web, including Ahrefs, Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits, Side Hustle Nation and more.

I am an Internet Marketer and a Project Management Professional (PMP, certified in 2008 by the Project Management Institute).

I started my digital career after experiencing great success building Amazon Associate niche websites. I started Niche Site Project to help people create niche sites using project management.

If you’re curious about those early niche sites, check out:

Before that, I was your typical worker bee working a 9 – 5 gig, though it was more like 8 – 8.

I really didn’t like it very much, but I learned a bunch in a very short time in management consulting.

I worked all over the country, traveled full time, and lived out of a suitcase.

I’ve been a software engineer, a business consultant, software tester, and of course, a PM. If you’re interested in my professional background, see my LinkedIn profile.

I live in Montana with my amazing wife and awesome Border Collie, Georgie. I enjoy running, hiking, Southern barbecue, and homebrewing beer (of course, when the homebrewing is done I get to enjoy drinking it with friends).

Introducing The Doug Show (Trailer)

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Doug Cunnington

I show people how to create affiliate sites using a proven, repeatable framework. I love creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but not at the same time).

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  • Adrian January 3, 2019, 9:18 am Link Reply

    Finally 🙂
    Happy New Year Doug!

    I believe this is a great step. Can’t wait

  • Farooq Qaisrani January 5, 2019, 4:06 pm Link Reply

    Looking forward to your show.

  • gto January 8, 2019, 12:57 am Link Reply

    Awesome! I’ll be listening.

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