$1000 to $100 per month – Marcus Update – DS210

Doug talks to Marcus and gets an update. This is Marcus’ anti-success story because he got hit by an algorithm update causing a decline in traffic.


About the Mastermind Group:

  • The existing mastermind group consists of 3 people. Group has existed for a little less than a year.
  • Members are experienced in: affiliate marketing, SEO, hiring/outsourcing, and getting a whole lot of work done
  • The purpose is to have serious conversations about what each member of the group is trying to achieve, how they are going to achieve it, and then also reporting the results of their efforts and share what they learned, where they failed, what issues they resolved, etc.
  • Group is looking for 1-2 persons with some experience and should be making at least 1K USD per month from affiliate and/or ad revenue
  • Fun fact: all members are known in Doug’s community and have followed Doug’s teachings
  • Link to questionnaire 

Contact me. Ask Questions!

  • Send me an email here: feedback@doug.show
  • Leave a voicemail: (406) 813-0613
Affiliate Marketing & Side Hustles on the Doug.Show
Affiliate Marketing & Side Hustles on the Doug.Show
$1000 to $100 per month - Marcus Update - DS210
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