Construction Worker Hits $100/month with Adrian – DS003

Adrian is a construction worker and student of Five Figure Niche Site. This interview is from July 2018 and currently, Adrian is making about $300 per month in January of 2019. Look out for an interview update soon.

We talk about:

  • The age of the site and traffic stats.
  • How he watched my YouTube channel and wanted to be a success story.
  • A bit of his background: From Romania, moved to Spain, now in London.
  • The massive mistake with Guest Post & how to avoid it.
  • The power of the Keyword Golden Ratio. Tips for finding KGR terms.
  • Quality content and why it’s so important. Most of the posts are ranking on PAGE 1 of Google.
  • The link building strategy & its role.
  • Other mistakes that Adrian made & what you can learn.

The transcript is here.

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Question 1, From Heidi

Heidi from
I am having this dilemma right now. I have one niche site which I started 10 months ago and then in my newbie wisdom (not!) I started a second site in the MMO niche about 6 months ago!

Most days I wish I hadn’t because I know I could be writing and concentrating on one site and it would be better for it, instead of having two that have to share my time and efforts. But now that I have two, both of which I really enjoy I feel like I have to just plug along with both.

Interested in your thoughts Doug on leaving one without content for say 12 months to age, while I concentrate on the other one? Good idea? Bad idea? I work full time so my sites are a side hustle and I only write about 2-3 posts a week across both of them.

Question 2, from Earl

I’m YT subscriber and I’ve been going back through the KGR videos.

While doing research I’ll find KW that very little all in title completion with some search volume. Below the .25 which makes them ideal.

When I search the same KW in google, I’m getting a lot of online stores.

The question is:
Assuming I’m writing good content 1500+ can I still rank for the term or will the authority of the online shops still beat me out?

Question 3, from James

I have plans of creating a livable income with niche sites.
However, I have one huge worry that keeps me up at night and holds my productivity back.

That is… Amazon banning me from their associates program.

I’m almost positive I follow all of their guidelines, but I’ve heard that Amazon is pretty unpredictable when it comes to banning people.

So, should I worry about getting banned?
Do you ever have worries or have you ever been banned? Do you have a plan if it does happen to you?
Thanks a ton, James.

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Affiliate Marketing & Side Hustles on the Doug.Show
Construction Worker Hits $100/month with Adrian - DS003
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