Helpful Content Update Killed Traffic so I’m Pivoting – Denise DS493

Doug and Denise Cruz talk about her experiences as a travel blogger dealing with the impacts of Google’s ‘Helpful Content Update’ and the subsequent fall in traffic and revenue on her sites.

She talks about the drastic decrease in organic traffic and the role platforms like Pinterest played in maintaining a level of visitors. Denise also elaborates on her experimentation with AI content, outlining its efficacy and limitations.

As she plans for the future, Denise intends to leverage her branding and marketing experience to refine and diversify her digital presence, with a focus on reducing dependence on Google.

By revisiting her professional identity and ethos, Denise aims to provide valuable marketing and branding services on a consultative basis while developing her personal brand.

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Affiliate Marketing & Side Hustles on the Doug.Show
Affiliate Marketing & Side Hustles on the Doug.Show
Helpful Content Update Killed Traffic so I'm Pivoting - Denise DS493

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  • F'offGOOGLE Feb 18, 2024 @ 7:51

    Noticing a theme here, HCU killed us all, me included

    Just another horrible corporation doing unexplainable things…. seems to be par for the course in the 2020’s

    Dead industry guys, don’t waste your time or money on it anymore