Mackenzie Fly – YouTuber and Digital Nomad – DS020

I interview Mackenzie Fly, a Digital Nomad and World Traveler, in this episode.

We talk about:

  • Transitioning to nearly full time travel from a corporate gig
  • How she makes money while traveling
  • Being flexible and letting things happen

Connect with Mackenzie

It was great connecting with Mackenzie since she’s from Colorado. I first saw the Rocky Mountains in the Boulder area, and that’s where Mackenzie is from.

So I have fond memories of driving into Boulder for the first time and seeing the Flat Irons, then heading up to Estes Park where I lived for a couple of summers in college.

We’re actually moving to her home town the week this episode is published!

Anyway, go check out Mackenzie’s channel and some of her adventures and travels.

Mackenzie Fly – YouTuber and Digital Nomad – DS020

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